Saturday, September 20, 2008

Money and Power, or something else?

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

A gentleman from the post office recited this to me today when he was delivering my package and he thought the current turmoil was a result of corruption from power fostered by money. May be the big picture can be viewed as "the get rich fast = American dream" leads money to seek power and use power to get more money and when the money-making is in trouble, power now come to rescue. Like Luigi Zingales said: "The time has come to save capitalism from the capitalists."

The observation I would like to make is that, actually, nobody has really shown obvious sign of corruption in the after mess. Two trouble makers to blame are the kept-too-long low interest rate by Greenspan and the predatory lending. People who are now trying to prevent the system from collapsing have good reasons for doing what they are trying to do. The problems lie more in the social-economic system itself than something can be simply attributable to power and corruption. What people are worrying about is that it is very possible the quick fixes for the current crisis are only short term patches with hidden agenda to even rob more from the poor or middle class and feed the riches. If things go better in next week, next month and next year but no fix for the social-economic system itself, a bigger crisis can still be looming and the U.S. can be totally wracked. I think that's the problem most people worry and I think it is very hard to fix, which is the reason I start to write this blog.

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