Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can more money save the Detroit 3?

9 billions more, this is what the Detroit 3 automakers are now asking for after their CEOs have sold their private jets and cut their own salaries. The question is whether this $34 billion can really recreate a successful U.S. auto industry. Even if this round of bailout can prevent a current pending economic disaster, who can guarantee there won't be a future round of pending crisis like this if a totally new transportation industry is not built? With the old managers, engineers (or engineering visions) and industrial organizational form, plus a non-watching U.S. government, it is hard to see that this can be accomplished. Give the money directly to the auto workers or state governments (next in line) if the government want, which can at least help to boost the holiday sales.

I think Michael Moore has a point on the public transportation.


Michael Moore: President-Elect Obama has to say to them, yes, we're going to use this money to save these jobs, but we're not going to build these gas-guzzling, unsafe vehicles any longer.

We're going to put the companies into some sort of receivership and we, the government, are going to hold the reigns on these companies. They're to build mass transit. They're to build hybrid cars. They're to build cars that use little or no gasoline.

I agree that people need their own spaces but I think the cars, single family houses and long roads separating Americans from each other cause mental problems for them as well.

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